Neo- Endorphin is a perfect complementation of factory installed Combi sets. Wide range of styles : Dance, Techno, Trance, Pop, Ambient, Rock will ensure many hours of professional work as well as really great fun with the instrument.
Neo- Endorphin uses all 4 KARMA modules and all 8 scenes available in the machine. We have enhanced the factory setup by new GEs to expand a potential of Korg Kronos workstation even more. Now your Karma can sound with new Karma runs. Many from new GEs are applied in this combination set what enabled to get the effect o
f freshness and uniqueness of this new sound set. Please get familiar with the whole variety of musical climates included in that set and try out the new possibilities of your instrument.The controllers programmed for each combi, such as Joystick, Knobs, Vector JS, Switch 1, Switch 2, Ribbon, Damper will allow you to have great control over the sounds you play in really unique way.The sounds from Sounds Of Planet are always of the highest quality.Styles: Electronic Beats, Ambient, Rock, Pop, Jazz

The Set Called “Electronic-Natural” With New 32 Combis  Uses All 4 Karma Modules And All 8 Scenes Available In The Machine. There Are 32 New Ges And 32 Ones Known From Previously Released Combis Called  Neo- Endorphin . Now Your Karma Can Sound With New Karma Runs.


Many From New Ges Are Applied In This Combination Set – What Enabled To Get The Effect Of Freshness And Uniqueness Of This New Soundset.


Please Get Familiar With The Whole Variety Of Musical Climates Included In That Set And Try Out The New Possibilities Of Your Instrument. The Controllers Programmed For Each Combi, Such As Joystick, Knobs, Vector Js, Switch 1, Switch 2, Ribbon, Damper Will Allow You To Have Great Control Over The Sounds You Play In Really Unique Way. The Sounds From Sounds Of Planet Are Always Of The Highest Quality. Styles: Electronic Beats,  Ambient, Rock,  Pop, Jazz

New combinations from Sounds of Planet !

Atoms – it is already the third set of combinations released by Sounds of Planet, not counting the free sound pack dedicated to the programs from Protein No.1 set.
          New Atoms combinations are perfect complementation of factory installed combis as well as other sets released by Sounds of Planet before: ”Neo-Endorphin” and “Electronic-Natural”, sold also together as combined pack under common name “ENNE”. 
       New soundset takes advantage of huge sound potential of Kronos and additional new Ge’s. There are 100 of them in Atoms pack. 64 Ge’s come from previous sets, whereas I have added 36 completely new patterns – on which new combinations are based upon in the first place. 
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The set called ”ENNE” – is a combined set consisting of two sound sets – new 32 combis “ELECTRONIC-NATURAL” as well as 64 new GEs and 32 combis from previous set called “Neo- Endorphin”.


Buying this set you can save some money – because you will pay less – than buying each set separately.Prepared package is a perfect complementation of factory installed Combi sets.

Many times your Kronos will still surprise you – with strong and aggressive sounds or ambient and cool, easygoing sounds. Unique leads and pads as well as punchy basses are the real advantage of this set.


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KRS 113 "Greatest Hits - 80’s” combis this is the first such pack, where to play complete world’s cover,there is no need for ANY external sources, like additional audio or midi files, samples, musical parts played by other instruments or even extra band playing drum, bass, guitar or other instrumental parts.


So it means EVERYTHING is played by internal resources of Kronos – using its internal edited patches. Specific programs were programmed within each combination by means of Tone Adjust function, what allowed for getting close to original sounds of the 80-ties.Karma scenes correspondent to respective blocks of given song, while the chords can be triggered using the pads – they are smartly programmed to reflect original chord sequence of given song. Learn more